Founders Hall is the perfectly blended balance of old-world charm and modern sensibilities.

The three-story, 27,000 square foot mixed-use building will feature finely detailed storefronts, hand-formed bricks and myriad other historically-inspired architectural details designed intently to captivate the eye.  
Founders Hall is located at one of the last remaining locations around the town green of Alpharetta, Georgia. The building is soon-to-be a proud addition to the bustling shopping, dining, and entertainment district that has endeared itself to so many and become an integral part of their daily lives.
The owners are carefully selecting tenants to provide for a synergistic mix of upscale boutique type merchants and on-the-move professionals.

Tenant space is limited as there is only a total of 8700 square feet of retail and the same for office. Contact Stephanie Krank at (310) 980-3750 to reserve an appointment to peruse the remaining inventory of highly sought after suites.